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Fear of Science impacts the University of Hawaii System

One of the largest areas of biotechnology use  is pharmacology, health and well-being. Did anyone think about the damage that will be done to our new Pharmaceutical Collage at University of Hilo? I must admit I didn’t until I read a Professors comments.

Bill 113 is a “Fear and Mistrust” Bill Fear of Farming and Fear of science, in reality it lacks a sound understanding of either science or  farming. When you fear something you do not outlaw it, you investigate it and find answers  Bill 113 is the equivalent of giving someone who hides in the Closet afraid of the boogeyman the ability to remain hidden and not face reality.

This bill 113 Banning GMOs will harm the Big Island’s chances to be competitive to attract or retain high quality scientists in the most directly applied science fields that assist in human health and well-being.  

  • The lack of scientific understanding and professed mistrust of the scientific process which underpins Bill 113 will weigh heavily on the decisions for Pharmacy and Genetics researchers to decide to work at UH Pharmacy school, and will affect competitive recruitment of agriculture extension researchers and professors at all levels in the UH system on Big Island.

  • Anti-scientific legislation created by a poor understanding of scientific principles and practices erodes public confidence in scientific inquiry and critical thinking.  This undermines the education system in our local communities which are already behind in science, technology, and math education.

The University of Hawaii system is an amazing top rated school that is affordable; if we harm their ability to recruit top quality facility we will hinder our future in yet another unintended consequence.


5 Reasons to Love Hawaii County Bill 113

  1. It has galvanized the agricultural community, farmers and ranchers are coming together to stand proud and united Opposed to Hawaii County Bill 113. At last count 80% of Food and agricultural producers are signing on to Oppose Bill 113.
  2. It’s a terrible Bill, confusing and poorly written…Seriously you would think the Ford and Willie Show knowing the world is watching would step it up and write a rock solid Bill.  Instead Council member Wille submitted a Bill written on quicksand, or should we say introduced it. eitehr way she gets credit for this contamination,
  3. It’s unfunded. Meaning “Us” the taxpayers get to pay, if  it becomes law. What shall we give up to implement this unfunded bad bill? Education,  a bus route? Parks and recreation Budget for our keiki?
  4. It will add burden to existing County departments who are already understaffed; meaning other programs may suffer.
  5. The Bill stomps all over Federal Law which makes it a prime legal target for a pre-emptive challenge.



The best part is Bill 113 will cost the County of Hawaii between $500,000 to $1 million dollars to even try to implement… I’m sure your all ready to sign onto this because a VERY Vocal minority feels we should create their version of utopia in Hawaii… The paid activists are poisoning paradise with their fear! #Vote No on Bill 113

Why not Oppose Bill 113 based on common sense?

The Big Island FArmers and Ranchers have spent 6+ months fighting Bill 79 then Bill 109 and 113…Enough Already! we’re tired of the deception and the fear mongering. Lets work together with Aloha for the Future of Farming in Hawaii!


  • Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers work hard to bring Fresh, safe, affordable food to our tables.
  • Did we mention we grow 90% of the agriculture products grown on Hawaii Island; Include Food “We Count”.
  • There is No reason to fear; We’re good stewards of the land.

  • We support all methods of agriculture and coexistence is manageable.

  • Bill 113 jeopardizes our Food Security rather than helping us work towards food self-sufficiency! It take sus in the wrong direction we want to reduce our imported food products…..

  • Cost of food for the rubbah slippah folks

  • We’re Farmers not Criminals; why register only 1 class of farmers?

  • This Bill allows everyone else to use technology  including our imported goods; yet Hawaii Island Farmers cannot use them and we become handcuffed restricting the future of farming in Hawaii.

  • These Bills will drive Big Island farmers out of business.

  •    Just like papaya, Big Island farmers may need biotechnology for virus protection. Unforseen circumstances lets not legislate farming practices without first understanding agriculture and farming in Hawaii.

Big Island should be working towards food security and self-reliance and anti Farming Bills like Bill 113 and 109
distracts us from important work. 70% of all food in America contains GMO, Hawaii imports 85%, this bill does nothing but place Hawaii’s small farmers at a further disadvantage.

   We need all farmers working together, we need a task force of experienced farmers and respected Scientists at the table.  the Hawaii County council should not have started this process such as Bill 113 without working through the issues first, understanding agriculture and speaking with the very people the bill seeks to mandate how they do business; its wrong; the entire process is the cart before the horse. Bill 109 and 113 are bad public policy and they are deceptive!

It’s time to choose; the choice to do what is right versus drink the fear mongering Kool-aide being dispensed by mainland millionaires and their fight to make Hawaii their version of Utopia!  Speak up Hawaii…

It’s about free choice ~ Vote No on Bill 113 and let’s work together with Aloha!

Broad Scientific consensus that biotechnology and GE foods are safe,

GE crops currently on the market are safe to eat. (See the European Commission Joint Research Centre, European Food Safety Authority, The American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Health Organization)

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