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Keep Calm & May the Foce be with Hawaii Farmers on Bill 113 in Kona



Keep Calm and May the Force be with You; Hawaii’s Farmers and Ranchers…After all 97% of us are Opposed to Bill 113 in Hawaii County….




Decimating the Flawed Beliefs of Anti-GMO Activists

The flawed beleifs of anti gmo activists…Great article!

Debunking Denialism

Recently, the editors of Scientific American took a stand against the mandatory labeling of food products containing ingredients that have been genetically modified using biotech tools.

Their main arguments were that it would only increase the already widespread misconceptions about GM foods, lead to less consumer choice as companies want to avoid labels on their products that may decrease sales, increase food costs for the consumer, give farmers and manufacturers additional administrative work and further stigmatize beneficial technologies that have increased yields and profits for individual farmers and promises to combat deficiency diseases that blind and kill hundreds of thousands of children. I wrote a blog post about the backlash in the comment section to the Scientific American article, finding the arguments provided by anti-GMO activists to be misguided and inaccurate.

As predicted, the anti-GMO activists were not discouraged one bit by the Scientific American article and tried to drown…

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10 reasons why we Need Biotechnology

10 Reasons Why we need Biotech, GE & GMO crops by Genetic Literacy