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Get Back to Me….

Hushed murmurs….
…Accusations…Swarming mass of colors….Signs….

Get Back to Me…When you found a way to feed a family with touchscreens and cables…Get Back to me when Your happy to wear something other than those cotton T-shirts that needed planting and harvesting…

Get Back to Me When you can replace the Industry that maintains the world, While you stand here trying to change it…

Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers are under attack from a very vocal minority. We need the silent majority to Support and Speak up for agriculture and help protect our right to farm.

This video gives you a glimpse of what our farmers and ranchers face at every hearing for Bill 113. When activists realize your not one of them it’s a visible reaction. Often ugly, with No Aloha. Our Farmers have been called terrorists, told they would burn in hell and many other horrible comments have been made for no reason other than they attend a public hearing or have the audacity to ┬áspeak to the media or simply submit testimony. Can you imagine the audacity to support the Constitution of the United States , the Right to Farm and participate in democracy; yes the audacity of hope that we will prevail despite being less than 2% of the population.

Support Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers they work hard to deliver safe, affordable food to our tables!


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