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5 Reasons to Love Hawaii County Bill 113

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  1. It has galvanized the agricultural community, farmers and ranchers are coming together to stand proud and united Opposed to Hawaii County Bill 113. At last count 80% of Food and agricultural producers are signing on to Oppose Bill 113.
  2. It’s a terrible Bill, confusing and poorly written…Seriously you would think the Ford and Willie Show knowing the world is watching would step it up and write a rock solid Bill.  Instead Council member Wille submitted a Bill written on quicksand, or should we say introduced it. eitehr way she gets credit for this contamination,
  3. It’s unfunded. Meaning “Us” the taxpayers get to pay, if  it becomes law. What shall we give up to implement this unfunded bad bill? Education,  a bus route? Parks and recreation Budget for our keiki?
  4. It will add burden to existing County departments who are already understaffed; meaning other programs may suffer.
  5. The Bill stomps all over Federal Law which makes it a prime legal target for a pre-emptive challenge.



The best part is Bill 113 will cost the County of Hawaii between $500,000 to $1 million dollars to even try to implement… I’m sure your all ready to sign onto this because a VERY Vocal minority feels we should create their version of utopia in Hawaii… The paid activists are poisoning paradise with their fear! #Vote No on Bill 113


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