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Why should you care?

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We produce 80% of the food and agricultural products grown on Hawaii Island…

Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers deserve the Right to Farm…

Please ask the Hawaii County Council to Vote No on Bill 113 …

  • Answer the questions first, Understand agriculture, Farmers and then craft laws; Do what is Right for all Farmers, not a vocal minority that lacks respect and aloha for our community…
  • Insist that a taskforce of stakeholders and experts be convened to research & study how we can achieve food self-sufficiency and food security that benefits us all and not just the vocal minority.
  • We are the Community, We feed the Community; No one asked Us…Why must we defend what we do?
  • Freedom of Choice, farmers should be able to grow all legal crops, we support all agriculture, GMO, conventional, and organic.  We can co-exist and work together.

  • We’re Farmers not Criminals; we shouldn’t register like one.Support Hawaii Farmers, don’t make them criminals,  Registration is wrong.

  • This Bill will discourage research to help local agriculture.  We may need help with Citrus Greening, Banana Bunchie Top Virus and other agricultural challenges.

  • What’s the costs of this unfunded Bill? There are policies, administration, implementation and enforcement (The Kauai Bill cost is estimated at $1.25 million?  Which line item in the current budget should taxpayers forfeit for Bill 113?

Hawaii Farmers & Ranchers United Alliance needs Your support today!

 This might just be the biggest threat to the Future of Hawaii agriculture and Our right to farm that we have ever seen…Support a pro agriculture postion and protect our right to farm and ranch. We work hard daily to bring Hawaii safe, affordable food. Our ecomony should not depend on tourism and only growing high end niche crops; what about the rubbah slippah folks?

Step 1 ~ Please submit testimony TODAY via emailto counciltestimony@co.hawaii.hi.us

Step 2 ~ Then Call the Council Members listed below and tell them your postition and thoughts

Hawaii County Council Members to contact today!

J Yoshimoto

Zendo Kern

Dru Mamo Kanuha

    Valerie Poindexter

Phone: (808) 961-8272

Phone: (808) 961-8263

Phone: (808) 323-4267

    Phone:(808) 961-8018

Fax: (808) 961-8912

Fax: (808) 961-8912

Fax: (808) 329-4786

    Fax: (808) 961-8912





Step 3 ~ Email them your thoughts, position or testimony directly on Bill 113

Step 4 ~ Join us for the next Council Hearing in November…Date to be determined; Like our page or sign up for our email updates below, we don’t share or sell any information to anyone

Step 5 ~ Join our Alliance in Opposing Bill 113 

 If you have trouble sending the Council an email Please send us a copy of your support to VoteNo113@gmail.com since the Council’s emails have been getting bounced as undelivered we promise to hand deliver any testimony we receive.

Mahalo from Hawaii Farmers & Ranchers United



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