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Why not Oppose Bill 113 based on common sense?

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The Big Island FArmers and Ranchers have spent 6+ months fighting Bill 79 then Bill 109 and 113…Enough Already! we’re tired of the deception and the fear mongering. Lets work together with Aloha for the Future of Farming in Hawaii!


  • Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers work hard to bring Fresh, safe, affordable food to our tables.
  • Did we mention we grow 90% of the agriculture products grown on Hawaii Island; Include Food “We Count”.
  • There is No reason to fear; We’re good stewards of the land.

  • We support all methods of agriculture and coexistence is manageable.

  • Bill 113 jeopardizes our Food Security rather than helping us work towards food self-sufficiency! It take sus in the wrong direction we want to reduce our imported food products…..

  • Cost of food for the rubbah slippah folks

  • We’re Farmers not Criminals; why register only 1 class of farmers?

  • This Bill allows everyone else to use technology  including our imported goods; yet Hawaii Island Farmers cannot use them and we become handcuffed restricting the future of farming in Hawaii.

  • These Bills will drive Big Island farmers out of business.

  •    Just like papaya, Big Island farmers may need biotechnology for virus protection. Unforseen circumstances lets not legislate farming practices without first understanding agriculture and farming in Hawaii.

Big Island should be working towards food security and self-reliance and anti Farming Bills like Bill 113 and 109
distracts us from important work. 70% of all food in America contains GMO, Hawaii imports 85%, this bill does nothing but place Hawaii’s small farmers at a further disadvantage.

   We need all farmers working together, we need a task force of experienced farmers and respected Scientists at the table.  the Hawaii County council should not have started this process such as Bill 113 without working through the issues first, understanding agriculture and speaking with the very people the bill seeks to mandate how they do business; its wrong; the entire process is the cart before the horse. Bill 109 and 113 are bad public policy and they are deceptive!

It’s time to choose; the choice to do what is right versus drink the fear mongering Kool-aide being dispensed by mainland millionaires and their fight to make Hawaii their version of Utopia!  Speak up Hawaii…

It’s about free choice ~ Vote No on Bill 113 and let’s work together with Aloha!

Broad Scientific consensus that biotechnology and GE foods are safe,

GE crops currently on the market are safe to eat. (See the European Commission Joint Research Centre, European Food Safety Authority, The American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Health Organization)


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